These are real-world examples of DMI's work, and represent actual completed client projects, with successful outcomes. In one, a company refined its message and was able to target its work better. In another, the law was changed to improve the lives and safety of literally hundreds of thousands of people. All clients are different - but DMI's committment to their success is common to them all. 



Case study #1 - you're a Member of Congress, and you need information - fast - on an issue that affects a large number of people in your district - so that when you are arguing with leadership and with federal agencies, you are better prepared than they are.


DMI puts together a specific 'backgrounder,' a briefing memo, and a seminar - so you can work through the issue and ask the questions - to sharpen your own knowledge base as you make your decisions. 



Case study #2 - you are the executive of a small business with a national client base which relies on your personal expertise. You've got the issues - but you are looking for someone to direct the information flow, and keep the trains running on time. You need a 'Chief of Staff' - but not every day. 


DMI assigns a senior manager to your firm who is solely responsible for your portfolio and answers directly to you - so that you can do more of the work you love. 



Case study #3 - you're a statewide nonprofit organization with thousands of members. You rely on hundreds of people for donations, organizations for support, and public finance for more than half of your annual budget.


The DMI team shows you how to engage with the public, with elected officials, and with your peers, and follows through with your members so they can be their own best advocates. 



Case study #4 - you are the executive of a major nonprofit organization with a national scope, faced with the task of rebuilding your state legislative program on an extremely tight deadline. You need a public face of your organization, and a clear articulation of its goals to policymakers. What’s more, you need to change the law.


DMI gets involved at the highest level of state political and policy leadership, to analyze the political and policy dynamic confronting your organization, and to tell you what your next steps are. But it doesn’t end with that; the DMI team will be there every step of the way – making the strongest case to the people who need to be on your side.

DMI Principal Pete McRoberts at the Iowa Legislature, where in spite of significant opposition, we successfully directed a long-overdue change to improve Iowa’s housing laws for survivors of domestic violence. This law was signed by the Governor, and took effect on July 1st, 2016. As a result, Iowa is now the best state in the country in this area.