A midwestern firm, with a national impact.

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We believe in challenging assumptions at every level. We provide political, policy, and organizational counsel to commercial and public interest entities. We change laws, and open markets.



Dash Management, Inc. was founded as a small public policy law firm, working primarily on state and federal government relations. 


Six years later, you can see the results of our work in Iowa, and nationally. 

Our approach at DMI is simple. Why do we go to work each day? It's because we believe every organization can be better and do more. How do we help get you there? We take our decades of management experience and we get in the trenches with you - so your work is truly part of ours. What are the results? Time and again, organizations working with DMI are more successful, and sustainably so. We love our work, and it shows.

That's how our team works. These are lessons we learned in our combined forty years of professional experience in public policy, organizational management, and communications. We are former speechwriters to state Governors, state and regional directors of national nonprofit organizations, nationally known experts in the field of faith-based nonprofit service, and press secretaries for public agencies.


To a person, the leadership team has been recognized at the state and national levels for our skills in navigating through the many challenges organizations face. And, through our exclusive partnership with one of Iowa’s most well-respected government relations firms, we have the resources of some of the most accomplished advocates in the state. 

Please feel free to contact us for a discussion about your organization, and how DMI can help your organization grow.


Sincerely - the Dash Management Team





Dash Management, Inc., specializes in building out your organization to your target audiences, and strengthening your own structures internally. All organizations are different - so we provide tailored services to you, based on your needs, in the following areas:


  • Policy Education and Advocacy

  • Organizational Management

  • Logistics, Staffing, and Advance

  • Constituent Maintenance 

  • Media Relations

  • Internal and External Communications

  • State and Local Regulatory Analysis

  • Budget and Finance

  • Government Relations, through our partnership with The Capitol Group



Our goal at Dash Management is to help you do more with your organization. We've got a great team of seasoned professionals - leaders in the nonprofit, business, and policy fields - ready to listen to you, and to get to work. 


Thank you for considering DMI - we can't wait to get to get started.


Pete McRoberts

Principal, Dash Management, Inc.